Why Not Try It in the Ocean?

I know that there are a lot of people that say that they like the idea of protecting the ocean and I agree but I also think that things that can help support our communications needs could be used in the ocean. For example, offshore hosting can be very easy if we just put a few satellites that are transponders out in the water, it would be no more harmful than a bridge support in the middle of a body of water and I think that it would be able to help a lot of people that are worried about what harm can come from when a cell tower is put up near their home. I know that there are a lot of people that will say that they are not happy about the way that people are using the oceans as a waste land but this is entirely a different thing and it could be done.

I would like to see and hear what the cell phone and communication companies would say about all of these things that we could be doing. I really love going to the ocean and the beach as this is a place that I grew up near, but I do not think that I have to be one of those people that would have to come up with the plan as to where to put these things that would be out in the water. I would hope that the signals would be able to be reached from miles out off the shore so that when I go to the beach there are not a lot of big things that are in the water and I would be stuck with looking at them when I was on vacation with my family during the summer months.

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