We Get Free Electricity on Saturdays

My husband and I decided early in our marriage that we were going to have two children. Regardless if we had boys, girls or one of each, we were going to be done at two. Fate had other plans for us though, as we are now parents to seven children. Raising a family this big means having to be smart about money matters. My husband has a great job, but we still have to be frugal with nine mouths to feed. One of the ways that we did that was by looking at CPL rates when I saw an advertisement about some of the benefits that they offer.

Having seven kids means that we use a lot of electricity. The laundry and meal preps uses up a lot, but I am talking about computers, video games, and streaming movies. I heard that CPL has a mobile app where customers can actually monitor their usage of electricity, and this really appealed to me. I figured it would be nice to see if we had any spikes on certain days of the week so we could find a solution that would work for us as a whole.

When I looked at the app, I liked the company even more. However, it was something else that made me start the process of changing to them that same day. They have something called Free Power Saturdays, which is exactly what it is. Every Saturday, we can use as much electricity as we want and not be charged for it. I have no idea how they are able to do something like that, but I am so grateful for perks like this to help us out. There are other perks too, and it is just nice knowing that companies that provide our energy really do care about their customers like this!

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