Turning the Tables on Crime

Months ago, I faced a scenario that I hope no homeowner ever has to face. I was the victim of a home invasion. I lived in my home for nearly 25 years, and never experienced anything as terrifying as the home invasion. After breaking my windows and kicking in my front door, the invader held me at gun point and ordered me to give him all of my valuables. This situation scared me enough to get ADT Home Security in Paducah.

I was considering moving to another neighborhood, because I was afraid that the invader would come back and kill me. I did a lot of thinking, and came to the decision that I shouldn’t move. I lived so many years in my home, and I didn’t want to let some criminal scare me out of my own home. I decided that I would stay, fight, and make sure that what happened to me didn’t also happen to anyone else in the neighborhood.

The citizens of the neighborhood banded together to help pay for the damages to my home. I was grateful for their help, but I was still sad about what happened. At the next community meeting, I talked about setting up a neighborhood watch, and everyone thought it was a great idea. A network of people watching each other, in addition to having home security, would keep any criminal activity from occurring.

The neighborhood watch was put to the test one day, when a prowler was lurking around one of the homes in the neighborhood. The prowler was dressed in black and lurking around the front door and windows to see if anyone was home. The members of the community called the police, who happened to be in the neighborhood on patrol . The prowler was apprehended before he had a chance to do anything.

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