The Money Came from Somewhere

I invited my parents to visit me for dinner one day and they pulled into the driveway with a fresh coat of paint on the car. That car had not been painted for years and sat in the garage with spots missing. What’s even more impressive is that the same car needed a new engine because the old one wasn’t working too well. Sometimes the car would crank and other times it would just stall. They told me that they had gotten a new engine for it, new paint, and even a new interior, all with money from Ewen Chia and his marketing techniques.

My parents never had the money to do something like that, and neither did I. I sometimes offer to give them money, but they never accept it. My parents have also been retired for many years, so to see them suddenly have money to fix up an old car was something I wasn’t expecting. They explained what kind of marketing a bit more to me and my wife, and I was wondering how I had gone for so long without ever hearing about it. Chia’s name had been floating around on the Internet for a while, but I never thought about investigating it.

Since my parents were able to gain money from affiliate marketing, I wanted them to show me how to do it so I could fix up some things around the home. My wife wanted to have her own vegetable garden in the backyard and thought it would be nice if we could have a fountain and a pond. I wanted to have a barbecue pit and a new tool shed that would hold a new ride on mower. First we needed to paint the house and put guards on the gutters and fix the roof.

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