The at Home Movie Experience

Many people are tired of paying for a theater experience, but few actually do anything about it. I used to be like them, going to the movies and paying that expensive ticket price, getting the high priced popcorn and drinks, and not being able to bring any other food into the theater. I decided that having my own theater was a better idea, so I found a company that would do audio video installation in Los Angeles. I had a room in my home converted into a home theater with a big projector that comes down from the ceiling.

The home theater has speakers around the wall that play all of the fine sounds that would normally be missed on something like a television with a small speaker set. I even have theater seats that recline and have spots to hold drinks and food. To take it one step further, I purchased a popcorn machine and a soda fountain to have in the theater room. Whenever I have guests over, I turn on the machine to pop some popcorn and fill up their cups with soda. The machine even has a pot that melts butter and adds it to the popcorn.

The cost of the home theater was easily justifiable by the amount of money I spend in the theaters. The added level of comfort and customization that I now have is priceless. I can switch movies on the fly and only have to pay one flat rate for the entire movie library. I don’t have to worry about annoying people making all kinds of sounds or turning on their phones while I’m trying to enjoy the movie. I could probably charge people in the neighborhood to see movies at my home, but that would just make things more uncomfortable for everyone.

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