Still Need a New Place to Live

Still looking for a new place to live and for now I am sleeping on a buddy’s couch and I had to find a storage solution in Singapore for all of my stuff. Of course we were fighting the landlord for a long time and we figured that we might lose, but we did not expect it to be so sudden. Some of the people in the building think that he bought some judge or something, but I have no way to base such a conclusion. The guy wanted us off the property because he wanted to do something more profitable with it. Of course the rumor is that the deal he had going has fallen through, which would be pretty funny if it was true. At least the people who have been fighting him for so long would think it hilarious, For him this is all business, but it is our lives and we are all put out for the moment. You have to figure that things will be like this at times though.

At any rate I can not sleep on Yuan’s couch for long. It is very uncomfortable and of course his schedule conflicts with my schedule. The two of us are making noise when the other is trying to sleep because we work on different time variables. So it is not a very good way to operate. He is getting home about the same time I am going to bed and obviously he does not want to come home to his own place and have to be quiet because this guy he is being nice to has to get up early the next morning. In fact he obviously usually stays up until the middle of the night because that is just the schedule he has been working on.

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