Started the New Social Media Project

My team and I sat down to lunch today and started to talk about how we are going to do our new program. We have just now started the new social media project and we are thinking about how hard it is going to be to get it off of the ground. At the moment we are starting from zero and so we have to think about whether or not to buy instagram followers. It is going to be hard for us to figure out what exactly to do, but the idea is that if we are smart enough it is supposed to be an effective way to promote. We have this idea, but we have not figure out the exact details of how it needs to work. The idea is like this. You want to involve the person who you are trying to sell to, by this we mean that we want them to feel as though they have some investment in our success.

Of course the basic concept is some sort of rewards program. It is supposed to encourage brand loyalty. We do not want it to be a cookie cutter type of deal though. We would like to try to come up with an idea that is novel, although we realize that there is going to be very little that we can do which is going to impress the jaded consumer. If we do it right they are going to think that they get some benefit out of this program and it is probable that we need to find some money if we want to really make it work. A big cash prize would obvious be the sort of attention grabbing thing which we need, but the guys in the top floor are going to have to sign off.

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