Some Details About Organic Food That You May Have Not Considered

That old saying of you being what you eat is not far fetched at all. In fact, medical science is pretty much proving it. Poor diets, sedentary living and stress are the things that are ruining our health. Did you know that for some things that are good for you, such as fruits and vegetables, that you may not be able to actually eat enough of them to get the nutrients you need? Then there is the concern of sprayed chemicals used in farming. I prefer organic food in Singapore because of some differences I notice.

Regularly grown fruits and vegetables are grown in depleted soils that have to have synthetic fertilizers applied every growing season. Now science is saying that the synthetic stuff is equivalent to the natural. I don’t think so. It just does not fit even intuitively. Plus, the big commercial crops are sprayed with chemicals to kill insects and other things that can lower yields. I cannot fathom how spraying a chemical that is poisonous makes my fresh fruits and vegetables healthier. Science says that the chemicals are designed to just kill bugs. Okay, I understand the goal, but I do not think it is fully realized. My personal opinion based on my understanding of all these chemicals is that they are dangerous even in small quantities because we continually get them over time. That is, unless we eat organically grown foods that do not get treated with these pesticides.

Look at the health problems in America. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer are running rampant. The food growers and food processors are taking notice of consumer uproar and just now are switching to known healthier options for food ingredients including sourcing organically grown fruits and vegetables as primary ingredients in prepared and packaged foods. Something is being noticed, and the tide is turning. We can prevent major health issues here by getting in on eating more organic food in Singapore now.

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