I Loved My Time Getting to Teach Recruits Recently

Running my own business has been a great opportunity for myself, my wife and children and the employees who work for me. I am proud that we have done so well. I was even more proud when a branch of our military recently contacted me to ask if we would be willing to send some of our employees to the local base to act as contract teachers to train some of their employees. All I would need to do is to make sure that I get a DBA quote and follow through on getting the insurance to cover my employees while on base. Seemed easy enough to me.

I decided that I would also work as a temporary contract teacher on the base as well. My son was in the military, and my dad and my grandfather used to be as well. I have always been proud to have family member that have served. Because of a major hearing issue that I have, I was not able to join. I have only 10 percent hearing in one year, and 20 percent in the other year. As a result, I had a cochlear implant put in many years ago that helps me to hear much better. So, the thought of being able to “serve” in any capacity, was a great honor to me. I felt like life had come full circle considering that I had always wished I could join.

My time spent on the base was really pleasant. It made my heart swell to see all the men and young women who were very vested in taking care of our country. They are so well mannered and hard working. My son is the same way, and it was a pleasure to be surrounded by them in a training class. I found myself wishing that I could do it full time.

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