I Just Got a Big Promotion

I have been promoted to work as the shipping and receiving supervisor at the plant. That is a lot bigger deal than it seems, because we have a whole lot of orders which require hands on work. You have to know a lot about things like load cells for scales. The scales that we use have to be absolutely perfect. So you have to be able to adjust them every single day. If you were off by even a little then the company could lose a lot of money. It would be even worse if you had an error in your favor on the scales, because then you could get sued for cheating the customers. That is not going to help us even a little, as in most types of business your reputation is the biggest asset that you can have, so you can not take any chances with it. My job is very busy and it requires me to get along with a half dozen other people. Some of them are not making that very easy on me. There is one of them who is convinced that he should have been given this promotion, but of course there is a real reason why he was not considered for the position. The guy just is not able to get along with the other people here. That is not essential when you are the boss, but it is necessary if you want things to run smoothly. You are going to be forced to get along with people who are above you and in fact that is something that he never seems to care about. The other guys are pretty much reasonable and they are a lot of fun on most days. So it is really just one guy who is a real problem.

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