I Can Still Wager with Friends Back Home

The top bookmark in my internet browser is http://www.agenbola888.com. It is a portal for online gambling that I am familiar with from back home in Indonesia. I thought when I took a job in America that I would have to give up the occasional friendly wager with my friends back home, but that is not the case.

Football is almost a religion in Indonesia. It certainly is the global sport, although it is called soccer where I currently work. I know there is betting on American football, as well as basketball, hockey and baseball. Where I am from, friendly gambling is also a commonplace thing, but most of it is around soccer.

My account at http://www.agenbola888.com lets me keep up with all the soccer teams, matches and happenings back home, and I am still able to place small wagers even from overseas. Not all of my friends are active on the website, but enough of them to stay in touch. Plus, it helps to stay in tune with what is going on back home. I can not watch many of the games since I follow a lot of local or regional teams that are never on television here. That, and the match times are in the middle of my now night.

It is also refreshing to just spend time surfing a website that is in my native Indonesian. It helps ease my homesickness and keep my fluent in my native tongue. You would be surprised how much it fades in even a year. Plus, the website being in Indonesian means I do not have to minimize my browser when my boss walks by. He has no idea that I am looking at a gambling website from work.

I do okay in my gambling at http://www.agenbola888.com, but I also know that if I ever tried to quit my day job and live off of gambling, I would not last long. It is best just as a source of fun with disposable dollars.

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