Getting Ready to Move to El Paso

I need to figure out where I am going to live and who I am going to get to provide me with the basics when I get to El Paso. I got a job working with the Border Patrol there, which of course is big business in El Paso. I have to learn more about stuff like who has the electric power down there and where you can go to get your internet hooked up. I figure that I can keep the same direct tv package that I have right now. It is all a matter of taking the satellite dish down and hooking it up when I get down there. I am guessing that I may as well buy a spool of RG 34 or RG 42 cable. I forgot which one you use for satellite tv, but I will look it up and buy some before I get down to where I am going to live.

Of course if you do not know anything about El Paso you might think it is like any other town on the border, but the truth is that El Paso is directly across from Ciudad Juarez and that town is pretty much under the control of the Mexican drug cartels. If it were just one of them then it would probably be better, but you have different drug cartels fighting one another and they do a great deal of killing. In fact you can look on wikipedia and see that there is an article about femicide or the killing of women in that city. Much of it is related to the drug trade, but the big thing is that there is just not a real law and order in control of that city. The place is just totally beyond the control of the state.

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