Bringing Home Baby: Adoption Tips and Advice

Adopting a child is a very exciting time in the life of any family. There are a few things that you can do, however, to facilitate the transition for both you and the new baby. First, pick out a few special baby items that will provide comfort to your child. A wubbanub from will help to soothe the baby, as will a special blanket or lovie. Depending on the age of the child you are adopting, you may also want to pick out a stuffed animal that your new little one can grab hold of and cuddle since the process of leaving with you may initially be a little scary.

Remember that your baby is leaving everything that it has known in its young life. While you may be very excited to have the newest member of your family with you, he or she is likely to be sad or angry and could cry a lot during the first few weeks in your home. Remain patient and comforting. It can be difficult if the bonding process doesn’t happen as quickly as you would like, but if you get upset, it will only delay things even further. Try to learn all you can about your new child. Play with toys that he or she responds to and try to find fun activities that you can do with one another. This will all facilitate bonding.

The adoption experience will be different for everyone, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t “love at first sight” for you. Like any relationship, you have to work at it if you want to reap the rewards. You haven’t failed, therefore, if you aren’t as attached to your new little one as you though you would be after the first week or so. Even biological parents don’t always bond immediately to their infant, so cut yourself a little break and remember that everything takes time.

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